Why I'd announce my organ donor status on Facebook

Though I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook because I'm not in favor of many of the company's practices (like the ones that sell my information), there are times I applaud initiatives. Such is the case with Facebook's announcement to offer the option of letting users communicate that they are organ donors and let people share their organ donation story.


Apparently, Facebook wants to bring attention to the lack of organ donors and for more people to join the cause. This makes me happy because Facebook is such a gigantic social platform, capable of a massive social change. Therefore, I like that I am able to communicate my organ donor status with my friends.

I think the real reason people don't donate isn't because they don't want to. It's really because they lack information about what organ donation entails. Really, it's about time that someone put organ donation on the public agenda—and that a company in social media powerful as Facebook took it into their hands to address a problem as urgent as this one.   

Personally, I'm in favor of organ donation and signed up to become a donor. I think it's an opportunity to save someone else's life. It's probably one of the best gifts ever—the gift of life. Fortunately, my family hasn't been in a situation where we needed an organ donor. But if we ever do, we'd be so grateful.  

So when this option is available, I'll be there to click it. With one push of a button on my mouse, I could potentially save the lives of millions of people.

Would you click on the organ donor option on Facebook? Would this make you want to sign up to become an organ donor?

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