Act of solidarity: Latino fraternity unites to raise money for Dominican family killed in tragic car crash

The horrific car crash that recently killed seven members of a Dominican family left the world shocked and their remaining relatives reeling.  Now, a Latino fraternity at Pace University is setting up an online donation campaign to help members of the grieving family, including one of the frat's own brothers, Jonel González.

The 18-year-old lost seven of his close relatives, including his mother, sister, grandparents and cousin in the tragic accident that caused the family's SUV to fall 50 feet off a highway overpass. Now, his fellow Lamba Upsilon Lambda members are banding together in an attempt to raise enough money for González to throw a proper funeral.

The site's goal is to raise $100,000, and as of early this afternoon, they had already gained over $58,000 towards the cause. "I will never be able to express how grateful my family and I are," González said. "Throughout all the sorrow and darkness, this support is the only light I see."


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I can't even imagine the grief and devastation this poor teenager must be feeling after losing so many of his loved ones at once. I'm just glad that he obviously has some great friends who genuinely care about him and are looking out for his best interests. It's inspiring and incredibly touching to see a group of young men make such efforts to help one of their members, especially since frats in general don't exactly have the best rep.

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I hope González realizes and finds comfort in the fact that the public is also supporting him, as evidenced by the amount of money the site has already raised--and will undoubtedly continue raising. I am confident that the site will be able to reach its goal and in the meantime, my thoughts are with him and his family.

What do you think of the frat's efforts? Will you donate to the site?

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