Dad who attempted to sacrifice son to be arraigned for first-degree murder (VIDEO)

When you wake up, you never know what's going to happen throughout your day. It could be totally ordinary…or you could end up saving a life! 21-year-old Jaymisha Pires happened to be passing by a San Diego cemetery this past weekend when she saw a man, 30-year-old Joseph Ramirez slicing the arms of a young boy.  

After hearing his dead grandmother's voice in his head, Ramirez went to the cemetery  to sacrifice his own 8-year-old son. When Pires noticed, she ran over and confronted him, begging him to stop.  Though he tried to flee, a security guard was able to attain at the scene. Ramirez is now scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder and cruelty to a child.


Thankfully, the boy, who was bleeding badly, was able to be treated at a hospital and released shortly after.

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Um…is this for real? What a freaking LUNATIC. I mean, what the hell was he thinking? I'm sorry, I don't care whose voice you've heard, whether it's your abuela or a resurrected Elvis, nothing excuses that sort of behavior. Not only did Ramirez purposely hurt his own son, he did so while his other two young daughters stood by and watched. That's absolutely horrible, not to mention scarring!

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I'm just glad that Pires noticed and was able to interfere in time. Now, I hope Ramirez gets appropriately punished for his crime. And though I feel terrible for the kids who now have to live without their father, it seems like they'll be much safer off without him.

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