We were duped! Nonomom--Mexican pregnant with nine kids--was a hoax

We were all duped by Karla Perez, the Mexican woman who claimed she was pregnant with 9 babies. Though we couldn't understand why anyone would want to dethrone Octomom's record for housing the most fetuses in her uterus at once, we felt sorry for Perez and the financial struggle she and her husband would face raising their triplets and their 9 infants.



There was a sigh of relief when it all turned out to be fake. Though she has three children, they are spaced apart by years, not minutes. The best part? Drumroll, please….She's not even pregnant!

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Yes, ladies. She made it all up. Perez was said she had ultrasounds as proof there were nine fetuses inside her.  They never existed.

Not sure why she'd make up such a high-profile story that would be so easy to disprove and dismantle.

Do you think she's mentally stable? Why do you think Perez would make up the story of being pregnant with 9 babies?

Image via Info7.mx

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