After following the events around the White House Correspondents Dinner, one thing might be true... The Obamas must have consulted the Latina's Guide to a Perfect Party (there must be one of those, no?). Chapter one's title reads (or should read): The more the merrier! Nothing like an intimate dinner with 2,700 guests. It's what makes a Latino party a fiesta to remember. So the Obamas, like my Puerto Rican family, chose to spare no expenses and invite anyone and everyone to their little shindig. And the evening was reportedly a big hit.

From Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan (who shared a table), to actress Zooey Deschanel and stylist Rachel Zoe, best actress Viola Davis, the red carpet was filled with beautiful women.There were a handful of beautiful Latinas and Latinos among them as well: J.R. Martinez, Rosario Dawson, Eva Longoria and Sofia Vergara all were a part of what's been called "The Biggest Night in Washington". 

I do wonder what happened with William Levy who was expected to attend but appears to have been MIA. To see him work a crowd of the nation's political reporters would have been something!! A little birdie told me he was all too preocupied watching the Heat vs. Knicks game but who knows!

Last night's fiesta seemed to have particularly pleased Sofía Vergara, as seen from the look of her face here and there and everywhere, with Barbara Walters, by George Clooney (she twitted "George clooney in da house!" with this picture) and posing with Yahoo's Ross Levinsohn.

Other Colombians were "present" at the dinner at least in the spirit of the speeches on stage. Both Obama and Jimmy Kimmel (the featured entertainer of the evening) joked about the Secret Service prostitution scandal in Colombia. Hmmm... Would have loved to see Vergara's reactions to those jokes!

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No salsa nor cumbia dancing, but plenty of jokes, good food, stars galore and fun seems to was had by all!  

Check out the fashions on the red carpet courtesy of the Latin contingency...  And tell me, what other Latinos do you wish to have seen attending?

Image via Getty Images

Sofia Vergara sexy in black 1

Sofia Vergara sexy in black

Image via Steven Lovekin/Getty Images

Classy and beautiful in a Lorraine Schwartz creation. Just one question though... Did Sofia loose weight? 


Eva Longoria all dolled up 2

Eva Longoria all dolled up

Image via Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Eva's dress by Marchesa was a definite favorite. Her pumps are Brian Atwood and clutch by Emilio Pucci. Simple but classy!


Rosario Dawson cleavage and all 3

Rosario Dawson cleavage and all

Image via Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

No she didn't! This kind of cleavage at a White House event Rosario?? Too tight, too busty, too green!

J.R. Martinez ¡muy guapo! 4

J.R. Martinez ¡muy guapo!

Image via Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Always love to see J.R.'s style on any red carpet.