Does this website really believe their stereotypical marketing strategy to sell houses is acceptable??!

I'm appalled by news that stereotypical words are being used by the site to describe neighborhoods to potential homebuyers. And they're not favorable.

Screenshots released by show Detroit's 48208 zip code categorized with full-blown stereotypes  as" Soul Survivors" (Older, down-scale African-Americans singles and single parents established in modest urban homes) and "Hard Times" Older, down-scale and ethnically-diverse singles typically concentrated in inner-city apartments. What?!

What about this description of certain Latinos: "Ciudad Striver," which is a Hispanic family that got out of the ghetto and into "mid-scale" living. 

It's no secret: statistics show Detroit is plagued with high rates of unemployment and crime, among other things. And,yes, there are Hispanic families that move from up from the inner-city into communities with higher incomes

They do not need to be described by negative stereotypes.

An ethical real estate agent will be very careful in their description of a neighborhood or even a building complex. They could lose their license if they are not. If you ask an agent whether a neighborhood is safe, the right thing for them to do is offer you crime statistics or place to get that information so you can decide for yourself.


Perhaps can bypass some of these rules because they are not licensed. It's still disturbing.  

What are your thoughts? Should picketreport.comfollow rules that real estate agents must follow or should they be allowed to publish this stereotypical information?

Images via WarzauWynn/flickr, Picket Report