More prostitution scandals in Secret Service prove machismo isn't just a Latino problem

Apparently, visiting strip clubs and hiring prostitutes is not a new habit among members of the U.S. Secret Service. Incidents similar to the latest scandal have also occurred recently in other Latin American countries, like Brazil and El Salvador.

Reports have revealed that a U.S. government subcontractor joined a dozen Secret Service men and a few military specialists at a strip club in San Salvador. The visit occurred in March of 2011, just a few days before President Obama and his family arrived in the country for a meeting with President Mauricio Funes.  According to the club's owner, they were there at least three nights in a row.


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The revelation comes on the heels of another controversial case in which a Brazilian prostitute is suing the federal government for getting injured late last year during an argument with a U.S. embassy staffer and two Marines. Apparently, one of the men involved pushed the woman from a car in front of a nightclub. And though the Embassy tracked down the woman and paid for her medical bills, she has now decided to seek legal action.

Seriously? So not only is there MORE evidence that the people on which our national security party too much on business trips, but now there's other cases in which they again act like total jerks and mistreat innocent women?  These are the "honorable" men upstanding the standards of country and trained to be the country's finest? It's completely sickening!

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This kind of behavior shouldn't have happened once, let alone multiple times –and they definitely shouldn't get away with it. The government needs to take more action in monitoring the agency and punishing unacceptable behavior from their members…or at the very least, do a better job at picking the men who are representing our country.  

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