Why the Supreme Court should kill Arizona's racist immigration law

Although we won't know their final decision until June, sadly the Supreme Court has suggested it's ready to allow Arizona to enforce part of the highly controversial SB1070, one of the nation's harshest anti-immigration laws. Among other things, the law requires police officers to check the immigration status of people they suspect are in the country illegally. 

Today's arguments focused on who has authority over the area of immigration: states or the federal government. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has basically defended the passage of SB1070 by saying that she had to do something to derail illegal immigration in her state since the federal government wasn't doing anything. 


Other supporters agree. Sheriff Larry Dever of Cochise County, which shares an 83.5-mile border with Mexico said:

If the federal government had been doing and would continue to do its job in securing the border here in southern Arizona, this would not be an issue. Unfortunately, they failed to do that so Arizona stepped up and said, 'We want to be partners. Here's a role we think we can play.

A few months after the law was enacted in Arizona back in 2010, I was offered what I considered a pretty interesting job in that state. Although it would've been a great opportunity, I couldn't fathom the idea of living somewhere so incredibly hostile to my people. For one, I'm not a U.S. citizen, so under SB1070 I would've been required to carry my green card with me at all times in case a cop stopped me for whatever inane reason and gathered from my looks that I was in the country illegally.

Even though supporters of SB1070 swear that the law wouldn't allow racial profiling, who are we kidding? Without racial profiling, how could cops possibly suspect that someone's in the country illegally? It's so clear to me that I don't even know why this part of the law is even up for debate. 

The worst part of all this is the amount of states that have followed Arizona's footsteps: Alabama, Indiana, South Carolina, Utah and Georgia, which have all adopted variations of Arizona's law.

I'm the first one to agree that the government cannot continue ignoring the immigration issue, but passing draconian laws against the immigrants who are already here makes absolutely no sense!

What do you think about Arizona's SB 1070 laws?

Image via AP

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