Authorities continue search in heartbreaking case of missing 6-year-old snatched from her bed

A tragic case struck fear in every parent this past weekend: 6-year-old Arizona girl, Isabel Mercedes Celis, disappeared over night on Friday. Now, authorities are using all their resources to try and find her.

The heartbreaking case first started when Celis' parents discovered the young girl missing at about 8 a.m. Saturday monring after last seeing her in bed at 11 p.m. the previous night. Police, detectives, a helicopters and even FBI dogs have searched the surrounding area while friends of the family have distributed fliers with her picture.


 Authorities are now exploring various scenarios to determine exactly what happened--if Celis was a victim of kidnapping or whether she wandered out of the home on her own. Reportedly, investigators found possible tampering at one potential entry point in the home, leading most to believe that Celis was abducted right out of her bed.

I'm not a mom yet but even still, the thought of what it must have been like for those parents to wake up and suddenly find their child gone makes my heart race with fear. I can't even imagine what they must be going through, especially because Isabel is so young--still just a baby by most people's standards.

And though it's encouraging to see that so many community members joining in the search efforts, I hope for her family's sake, that investigators are able to find a lead in the case that will help them find the little girl soon and bring her home safely.  In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers are with the family!

Isabel is described as just under 4-feet-tall and weighing 44 pounds, with brown hair and hazel eyes. Anyone with any information about her disappearance or whereabouts is urged to call 520-88-CRIME.

Image via Tuscon Police Department

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