Colombian escort from Secret Service scandal has been identified! (PHOTOS)

The brave Colombian escort that spurred a national US Secret Service scandal has officially been identified! Meet Dania Suarez, a 24-year-old single mom who, as seen in new photos that have recently surfaced on the web, is also an absolutely stunning Latina woman.

In photos obtained by The Daily News, the public finally gets to lay eyes on the lady at the center of the explosive drama that got three Secret Service men pushed out of the agency. In one picture, Suarez is seen posing in a bikini. In another, she leans over a coach and kicks back her leg showing off a pair of sparkly stilettos. And just as she said in an interview this week, she is clearly not struggling streetwalker, but an extraordinarily attractive colombiana.


Suarez, who has a 9-year-old son, told the New York Times that what she hates about all the media attention (this was before she was identified) was being depicted as a prostitute, when in fact, she considers herself a high-class escort.  And after seeing the pictures, even I--who has been on her side all along--was surprised to find a pretty young woman not much older than myself.

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Of course, Suarez--who has already showed extreme courage and strength throughout the whole incident--will face even more backlash and attention now that her real identity has been revealed. And since the investigation is still pending as authorities look into the other eight secret service men allegedly involved, the speculation is not likely to end soon.

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But what I can't help thinking about is how will all this affect her son?  I sincerely hope she or any family members she might have somehow find a way to shield him from it and more importantly, that the media (and the rest of the world) keeps in mind that--despite her career choices and her newfound infamy-- she is still just an everyday mother.

What do you think of the photos?

Image via The New York Daily News

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