Colombian escort in Secret Service scandal shows serious Latina pride in new interview

In true Latina style, the Colombian escort at the center of the Secret Service scandal is refusing to keep quiet. The shocking incident, which has created a full-blown media and political frenzy in the last few days, forced the agency to push out three of their members.  But even among all the outrage, the woman (who has chosen to stay anonymous) shows an uncanny ability to hold on to her pride, explaining to The New York Times what really went down and why she is not a prostitute.

Wednesday night, officials announced that three of the 11 Secret Servicemen originally accused of misconduct have left the agency--one was fired, one was forced to retire and one resigned. Another eight members allegedly involved are on administrative leave with their security clearances suspended as the investigation continues.


Now, the woman who started it all is dismayed that the dispute--which first started after a language barrier caused confusion over payment--has made headlines. And that's not only because she's nervous and scared at the backlash this can cause her (which she is!) but also because of the way news reports have called her a "prostitute."

"You have higher rank," she said, suggesting that escorts are more selective when it comes to clients and pricing. "An escort is someone who a man can take out to dinner. She can dress nicely, wear nice makeup, speak and act like a lady. That's me."

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Wow! Leave it to a Latina to not only unintentionally cause a national scandal by demanding her rightful compensation, but also to indignantly clarify her career choices to one of the biggest newspapers in the world. Seriously, I have to give this chick props. Though I may not agree with her profession, I have to admit that she must have some serious pride to keep standing up for herself.

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And who can blame her? After all, no matter what her job is, the only real people at fault are the men themselves. These are supposed to be highly trained, responsible men who the president, heck, the entire country can rely on.  And instead, they wasted time seeking pleasure on a business trip, couldn't even speak Spanish (the second language in intercontinental communication after English), and apparently had no ability to maintain a low profile or keep things under control when the situation got out of hand. Seriously--this is who in charge of our international security?!

I am amazed that this woman is brave enough to speak out and stand up for herself and am grateful that she did it. Maybe now the Secret Service will actually shape up and start learning how to, hmm I don't know, handle global relationships a little more gracefully? Just a thought!

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