The 7 most influential Latinos in the world are...

According to TIME magazine, seven Latinos are among the most influential people in the world. Seven! Which means that almost ten percent of the people who have left a a mark on important parts of our everyday lives are Latino, according to this prestigious publication. What a remarkable accomplishment, no?!


A couple of decades ago, such a high number of our people in the list of TIME's 100 more influential, would have been shocking. But we've proven once again what has now become an open secret--us Latinos are making a big difference in the world! Sports, politics, the economy, cooking and social activism are just some of the areas in which these Hispanics have reached world-wide recognition.

Senator Marco Rubio,  chef José Andrés, activist Dulce Matuz, entrepreneur Erike Batista, Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos, Soccer player Lionel Messi and Oil-company CEO Maria das Graças Silva Foster, were featured in TIME's famous list.

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I think the seven Latinos among TIME's most influential and their recent cover in Spanish about the power of the Latino vote only serve to reinforce Hispanic greatness. The footprints we've left on the world are finally being appreciated and that, as the credit card commercial would say, is priceless.

In the magazine, a photo of each influential Latino is accompanied by a brief text, written by other important person. The young DREAM activist, Dulce Matuz, was described by actress and activist Eva Longoria as a fighter who bridges the gap between American citizens and undocumented youth, who were brought to this nation as children and are striving to become citizens through college studies or by serving in the Armed Forces.

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Shakira continues showing her love for her country (in spite of forgetting the national anthem) by describing president Juan Manuel Santos, as a strong humanitarian leading the Colombian people towards a prosperous and peaceful tomorrow through education.

What another Latino would you like to see in this list?

Images via Time, OECD/flickr, Gage Skidmore/flickr, theqspeaks/flickr, prismatico/flickr, Dulce Matuz/facebook, Fotos Gov/Ba/flickr

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