Why can't this boy run for prom queen?

I'm going to show my politics pretty quickly with this rant, but please indulge me. I am mad, yes, MAD about this story of a 17-year-old boy in Tempe, Arizona, who was running for prom queen and then denied the title by his high school.

I'm mad because he was making a point and because he actually received the most votes out of all of the candidates for the title—but then was disqualified. I'm mad at the School District that allows for students to write in whoever they want for prom kind and queen but then ignores their votes. Despite the school's claims that they respect students of different sexual preferences, it's pretty clear that they really don't.


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Why do I think they don't? Well, first of all, the fact that they use the term "sexual preference" shows very little connection to students who are gay, bisexual or transgendered--most of whom would describe themselves as having a different sexual orientation, not a "preference".

But word choice aside, I think it's absolutely ridiculous for a school to deny a student the title that he deserves. Who are they to step in to the vote for prom king and queen and say that River Flanary, the student in question who has found the perfect prom dress for his would-be coronation at prom, can't be prom queen after the students of the school voted that they think he should be? It's ridiculous politics on their end and I am offended on behalf of every student in that school district. Not just the ones who have a different sexual orientation, but all of the ones who voted in this year's prom elections. Clearly the school district doesn't think very highly of their opinions or their vote.

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I'm sorry, but any school that doesn't honor their student's vote clearly doesn't respect any of the students, much less the ones that River was trying to defend. The amazing part, to me, is that he doesn't even identify in any of those categories—which only further shows that his idea to inspire students to be braver was very much needed. If it wasn't, a straight male student wouldn't have had to stand up in this way. That's why I'm so mad: because by denying River his the prom queen title that he earned, they're slapping the face of every student who identifies as different. And that's just not right in any shape, way or form. I hope the people that run Tempe School District grow up and actually start to put their actions where their words lie.

What do you think of the 17-year-old boy running for prom queen and the school district disqualifying him?

Images via River Flanary/facebook, CBS5