Anderson Cooper's latest Dyngus Day giggle fit makes me love him even more!

Who hasn't seen the famous video of Anderson Cooper giggling uncontrollably over Gerard Depardieu peeing himself on a plane? Every time I watch the video, I laugh even harder. He just goes on and on, letting it all out. He's no stranger to giggle fits apparently, but his latest one has actually caused quite a stir after he offended the Polish celebrators of Dyngus Day.

But, watching the video, I think they all really overreacted—Anderson Cooper's giggling as he talks about Dyngus Day on The Ridiculist only makes me love him more.


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So what exactly offended all of the people who celebrate Dyngus Day? While he was describing the obscure Polish-American holiday celebrating the end of Lent in Buffalo, New York (the Dyngus Day capital of the world), he started giggling again over and said, "So stupid". Apparently people thought he meant that Dyngus Day was stupid, but I think it's clear from the video that he was calling his giggling stupid (and the fact that it's uncontrollable...yet again).

Anderson Cooper went on Twitter to apologize immediately:

Just learned some groups believe I called Dyngus Day "so stupid" in ridiculist. I didn't. I was saying my giggling fit was "so stupid." In ridiculist I called my silly giggle fit "so stupid" not @dyngusday. Sounds like a fun celebration. Genuinely sorry if I offended anyone.

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As he continues to giggle and tries to hold it in, calling it "torture", it's so obvious that he really didn't mean to offend anyone. His adorable giggle fit is just the latest in reason why the down-to-earth broadcaster is awesome and his The Ridiculist is one of my favorite spots on television. Even better, though, is the fact that Dyngus Day Buffalo has accepted his apology and invited him to assume the title of "Pussy Willow Prince" in Dyngus Day 2013. OMG, Anderson--please accept the honor. Just don't lose it with another giggle fit. At least not without a camera around.

Do you think Anderson Cooper's giggle fit over Dyngus Day was offensive?

Image via CNN