Would you sacrifice everything for your sick child like Rick Santorum?

Rick Santorum's youngest daughter, Bella, suffers a very rare disease called Trisomia 18. This genetic defect causes Bella to have an extra chromosome that affects the development of her brain and main organs, which puts her life in danger whenever she acquires any disease. That is what happened in January when they had to admit her into a hospital after a bout with pneumonia almost killed her.

And now, it's happening again. 3 year-old Bella recently had to be rushed to the hospital and though it looks like she should be Ok, Santorum, who has six other children, once again suspended his campaign before officially pulling out of the race. This must have been very difficult to do, but it was the right thing.



It seems to me that he made the right decision and it demonstrates that there's nothing the proud papa wouldn't do for its children, even though it means putting aside what's probably the most important thing that he's ever done in his professional life. What's the point in having all the success of the world if we achieve this without our family?

In addition, there's nothing more difficult than to seeing your child sick, even more so if her life is in real, immediate danger. I have never been in that situation before and there is nothing that I ask God for more than to keep my children healthy, because without health, how can you enjoy life?!

Although I don't agree with Santorum's points of view, it is true that this goes beyond politics and how dirty they can be. Here we are talking about a little child's life.

The truth is I feel pity for Santorum's family situation and I can't imagine how difficult it is going to be to continue to manage and struggle with little Bella's disorder. I wish them all the best of luck and hope that she continues to defy the odds.

What you think about the decision Santorum made for his daughter?

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