News reporter hilariously ruins Easter for local kids (VIDEO)

Ok, before you got getting all: "There is no way that ruining Easter for kiddies can ever be funny" please refrain from judgment until you actually watch this video.

Apparently, Bunny Sanchez (aka reporter Alez Sanchez from a local news team in Sacramento, CA) was really getting the kids going. With his smooth bunny moves, he had all the little one laughing and laughing. Like, seriously, those children could NOT get enough of the little bunny shaking his tail feather. And then the unthinkable happened.


Alex--who from the looks of it might be one of the most awesome news reporters ever--got a little overly enthusiastic with his bunny hop and next thing you know, the bunny head goes flying.

The kids' reaction is hilarious, especially the little boy who gasps and screams: "YOU'RE not the Easter bunny!"

See the Easter bunny lose his head below:

 Ror every well-intentioned act of bunny shuffling, there is an equal and opposite reaction from the universe. Remember this before you stuff yourself into one of those huge bunny costumes.

And Alex, if you're single--I know a lot of girls who would go for a guy in uniform!

Let the giggles commence!

Do you ever dress up like holiday characters for your kids?


Image via YouTube

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