Justice for Trayvon Martin's family still uncertain, grand jury will NOT decide George Zimmerman's fate

Special prosecutor Angela Corey, in charge of the investigation into Trayvon Martin's shooting case, has decided she doesn't need a grand jury to file possible criminal charges against George Zimmerman. The grand jury was scheduled to meet on Tuesday in Sanford, Florida. 

It is still not clear whether or not Zimmerman--who shot and killed Trayvonon February 26--will ever be charged with the murder of the unarmed teen. The decision now rests solely with Special prosecutor Corey, who is working with another prosecutor to determine if there's sufficient evidence to press charges and bring the court to trial. 


The Justice Department said the decision not to use a grand jury does not affect the federal investigation its conducting. 

Meanwhile, a group of students calling themselves the Dream Defenders marched to the Sanford police station Monday carrying a banner saying, "We are Trayvon Martin." They started the march back in Daytona Beach, about 40 miles away, last Friday and linked arms, sang and chanted as they faced the building's entrance Monday. 

To this day, details of what actually happened remain murky, with Zimmerman claiming he killed Trayvon in self defense after he pushed him and slammed his head on the sidewalk. A surveillance video shows him in police custody with what appears like a bump or an injury of some sort on his head. But Trayvon's parents have dismissed the video and call their teen's son muder a racially profiled killing.

After questioning Zimmerman, Sanford police released him without charges because they said there no grounds to disprove the account he'd given about acting in self defense. 

Image via TrayvonMRIP/twitter