Pit bull takes bullet in the head to save owners life in home robbery!

Dogs really are man's best friend! A 12-year-old pit bull took a bullet in the head to save his owner during a robbery attempt in their Staten Island home.

After a man posing as a FedEx deliveryman attempted to push his way into their home, the owner Justin Becker, 32, shoved him to the ground and pushed the door into his body so that the burglar was jammed halfway into the apartment. That's when Kilo, the dog, lunged at him and got shot in the head as a result. The gunman ran off after shooting him.



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Luckily, the bullet never actually penetrated the pooch's skull and instead exited through his neck, miraculously sparing the dog's life. After Kilo was taken to the vet, the staff was so impressed, they put a little "S" on his bandage for "superhero." Now, Kilo is back at home, recovering with a bandage and cone around his head to prevent movements and plenty of painkillers.

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Awww! See, this is why I always tell people that it's totally worth it to have a dog. They require a lot of attention, but they pay it back in spades! I know that my two dogs would protect me against any bad guys. They are already super defensive of me whenever someone new comes in. That's why, though I'm thoroughly impressed by this pup, I am not at all surprised by his actions and why dogs are my preferred choice of pet. I'd take a snuggly by day, superhero by night pooch over a boring old cat any day!

Archive image via ivangarcia/flickr

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