Why don't Arizona schools want kids to learn Mexican-American history?

IIn this week's news that makes my blood boil, schools in Arizona are apparently trying to ban Mexican-American studies from school curriculums.

I bet the Tucson Unified school board wasn't expecting the report by Comedy Central's The Daily Show to smartly ridicule the controversy over Tuscon decision to ban ethnic studies--oh wait, I mean only the Mexican American Studies classes.

Um, excuse me? In probably the most misguided racist comments I've ever heard, board member Michael Hicks says that he believes the classes are teaching to hate "the white man"--a conclusion that he came to thanks to hearsay. Can we all just say RIDICULOUS?


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Every word that spew's out of this official's mouth are laced with hatred and racism. He talks calmly about the program and why they are banning Mexican American history, but beneath his words is the worst kind of racism: the racism of someone who doesn't even realize he's being racist.

 From saying that the illegalization of ethnic studies only pertains to Mexican-American studies (as in, they're keeping Asian history and African-American history classes intact) to his outrage that the teachers take kids out for burrito lunches in an effort to—let's feign shock and disgust here—bond with students. God forbid students learn something about another culture and even resort to trying that culture's food. 

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I could barely get through the entire segment. It is so racially motivated, against Latinos, that I want to throw up. I don't know if the worst part is that the school district is basic their decision on things they've heard, and not actually witnessing it themselves in classes, or that they're actually ignoring the history that Mexicans used to live in Arizona before Americans came there. Either way, their hate-spewing is absolutely unacceptable.


What do you think of Tuscon schools banning Mexican-American studies?

Image via Comedy Central