Filipino Catholics prove their dedication by crucifying themselves! (VIDEO)

In a disturbing but inarguably dedicated act of faith, nine men were nailed to crosses in Phillipine villages to mark Good Friday. The re-enactment is apparently a yearly rite, despite the fact that church leadership does not support it.

The group of devoteees wore crowns of twigs on their heads as they were crucified but villagers dressed as Roman centurions in the San Pedro Cutud village. Reportedly, at least eight others underwent the same practice in surrounding villages.



This was the twenty sixth crucifixion for one 51-year-old, Ruben Enaje. "I feel good because my suffering has ended," he told the AP.

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Well, as crazy as it seems, you can't deny their devotion. They are clearly 100 percent dedicated to celebrating the holiday. Still, I can't help but cringe at the thought. I mean, I'm not religious so I know this type of act would be well over my head even if it wasn't as, well, terrifying, but....crucifixion? Is that really necessary? Can't they celebrate in other, less harmful ways? I'm guessing injecing metal nails in your hands and feet every year can't be good for your body. 

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Stil, part of me admires their faithfulness, even if I don't necessarily agree with its application. Even the most religious of people don't normally take such crazy lengths to show their dedication to themselves and the world! 

Watch the shocking act take place:

What do you think of their actions?

Image via istolethetv/flickr

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