Tienda Kindle: It's about time Amazon launches eBook store in Spanish!

I've got some great news: Amazon has just launched its Tienda Kindle with over 30,000 eBook titles in Spanish! As an avid reader who recently caved in and bought a Kindle, nothing could make me happier. You see, this means I no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars in books in Spanish every time I travel to Latin America nor do I have to wait for someone to travel over there to bring them back to me. 

Although I love reading in English as much as I love reading in Spanish, I've always been unhappy with the limited options of Spanish books at both brick and mortar bookstores and online stores. But today, things have changed!


While it seems like the majority of the titles available at the eBooks Kindle en Español site are translations of books originally written in English--which I don't particularly like--after spending some time navigating the site, I'm happy to report that it does have its fair share of books originally written in Spanish. There are titles from the usual suspects, of course, including Gabriel García Marquez, Mario Vargas Llosa and Isabel Allende, there are also many titles from many classic authors like Jorge Luis Borges and Federico García Lorca. 

The prices are also great with many books for less than a dollar (free if you're an Amazon Prime member). Not to mention the more than a thousand classic titles that you can get for free. In terms of children's books, there are still not a lot of options other than translations, but there is a whole section of Dora and Diego books in Spanish for the Kindle Fire.

It's about time Amazon realized the importance of our growing Latino community and our needs!

What do you think about la Tienda Kindle? Will you be buying anything from there? 

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