Are Google goggles bad for kids?

By now, you've probably heard of Google's Project Glass, which the company recently introduced on their social media platform, Google+. The project features newly created augmented reality glasses, which basically act as a wearable smartphone and allow for hands-free access to cameras, microphone, Web browsers, and more. But while the reveal of the Google goggles--as they're commonly known--has left most of the world amazed with its innovative technology, it also has us asking one important question: Are these really necessary?

As of right now, the glasses are designed with a horizontal frame, part of which rests on a user's nose and the other part, that holds a wider strip of computer, which rests on the right side of the user's face. With their current shape, the frames can reportedly be worn even under sunglasses.  


So are they really practical? I'll be the first to admit that I think the concept behind these glasses is pretty freaking cool, even though having them on does kind of make the wearer look like an out-of-place superhero...or Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator.

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But while I love the goggles in theory, in practice, I find them more than a little worrying. Think of all the daily accidents caused by people talking or texting on their cells while driving or even while walking. If those can cause so much distraction, these will be a recipe for disaster, especially because the glasses place the data right in your line of sight.

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And even more troublesome than that is the effect this kind of technology will have on the world, particularly the next generation of kids. Already, children are spending way too much indoors watching TV or using their computers. But with these glasses, they won't even have to lift their hands to talk to anyone, let alone leave the house.

I'm all for new, interesting technology that helps makes our lives easier but I do believe face-to-face socialization is important to everybody's wellbeing, especially kids. Do we really want our children to only be to carry a conversation through a lens?

See what it looks like to wear the glasses for a day below:

 And the not so practical side...

What do you think? Would you wear these glasses or let your kids wear them?

Image via Google

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