Texas residents show inspiring bravery in face of tornado rampage (VIDEOS)

Disaster struck North Texas yesterday when a series of about a dozen tornadoes barreled through the Dallas area.  Now, residents of various Dallas and Fort Worth suburbs are left trying to pick up the pieces of their destructed communities.

After the rampaging twisters tossed vehicles into the air, destroyed hundreds of homes and knocked out power for thousands of people, those in the affected areas are assessing the damage. Though luckily no fatalities have been reported yet, hundreds of families, particularly those in the Lancaster neighborhood, have been left with only the wreckage of their homes.


The destruction has been devastating to all communities, including Latinos who make up approximately 29% of the residents in the Dallas area.

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And yet amongst all the damage, there is hope --particularly amongst the remarkable survival stories of those who lived through it. One particularly inspiring story?  A grandmother who saved her three grandchildren after putting them into a bathtub and holding on to them throughout a powerful tornado. She was even forced to hold her youngest grandson by his feet so that he wouldn't be blown away!

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I can't even imagine what it would be like to lose my home from one day to the next, all because of a horrific disaster that you are powerless to stop.  But though my heart breaks for those who have been left with little to nothing, I am so thankful to hear that no deaths have been reported. I am also inspired by the bravery of all of the Texas residents who managed to pull through, despite the unbelievable power of the tornadoes as seen below:

If you want to help those affected by yesterday's twisters, you can donate money to the Red Cross of North Texas, which will pay for rent or hotel rooms, new clothes, food and other necessities for families who have lost all of their belongings.

Have you ever encountered a natural disaster? Do you know anyone in Texas who had to battle the tornadoes?

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