Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba & Christina Milian love Instagram and you will too!

Now that Instagram has launched for Android, all of my non-iPhone having friends can join in on the fun I've been having for ages.

Instagram, a photo sharing software that allows you to edit and post beautiful photos directly to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, has been a popular app ever since its launch at the end of 2010. Even some celebrities have joined in on the fun and, I have to say, they're addicting to follow.

Latina celebrities like Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba and Christina Milian are popular on Instagram. Now that more people can join the photo-centric social media app, you'll see why.  


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One of the best things about Instagram is that it's an easier-to-follow medium than Twitter. Whereas I go to Twitter for the latest updates in news and to see what people are talking about, Instagram is like flipping through a magazine filled with pretty photos.

Selena Gomez often puts up pictures of herself with friends, cute dogs or just things that make her happy (like boyfriend Justin Bieber). Jessica Alba often shows photos of herself but also of the delicious meals she's having, which always makes my mouth water. Meanwhile, Christina Milian posts photos of herself but also of some of her fun fashion choices, like green nailpolish, a hot pink outfit or new hoop earrings.

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And that's exactly the fun of Instagram: it's photos shared of your life with anyone that wants to follow you. You can keep things private or share them with the world. You can put up pictures of your kids, your favorite new outfit or (like I do) of your adorable cat snoozing nearby.

Just like with Twitter, you can follow as many (or as few) people as you like. You can search for friends through Twitter or Facebook or even your email address. Besides some of my Latina celebrity favorites, I love following Jamie Oliver for food news and adorable photos of his kids, Ian Somerhalder cause he's sexy and an animal lover and Barack Obama for the latest in what the president is up to. But I also follow friends and family, liking their photos or commenting when I see something particularly striking or funny. I turn to Instagram now more often than Twitter and Facebook because it's a fun blend of the two and now, with the launch of the Android version, I can't wait to see w ho else joins the club.

Are you on Instagram? How do you like sharing photos through the app, now on iPhone and Android?

Images via Selena Gomez, Christina Milian, Jessica Alba/Statigram