Heartbroken California community continues search for missing teen Sierra LaMar

It's the worse-case scenario for any parent--your child suddenly goes missing after stepping out of the house for what should have been the most uneventful bus ride to school ever. That's the sad and heartbreaking case of Sierra LaMar, a California teen who was last seen leaving for school over two weeks ago.

LaMar disappeared on March 16th and since then, friends, family and neighbor have joined together to help search for the 15-year-old. On Saturday, a group of 681 volunteers, including San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, combed the area near her home. They found two items of interest that authorities are now investigating, condoms and an empty box labeled "handcuffs." The possible evidence was discovered about two miles from LaMar's house in an area that police say is known for underage drinking and partying.   


Investigators, who previously found LaMar's bag and phone near her house, believe she was the victim of an acquaintance abduction and have interviewed registered sex offenders in the surrouding area. There is currently no person of interest in the case.

However, LaMar's community is hoping to change that by taking the search viral. Friends and relatives have started Facebook accounts and created YouTube videos, like the one below, asking the public to spread the word of LaMar's disappearance in order to help find her and bring her home. A fund benefiting the search has also been established in her name

My heart truly goes out to LaMar's loved ones, particularly her parents. I can't imagine how devastating and shocking it would be to have one of my relatives seemingly disappear without a trace on what was seemingly just any other day. The circumstances would be tragic for anyone, but they are especially so for someone so young.  

At least, LaMar's family can find some encouragement and consolation in the way her entire community has banded together and worked hard to find her.  Hopefully, spreading the word will raise awareness of the case and fuel similar efforts in other places that will help Sierra find her way home.

Anyone with information on the teenager's whereabouts is being urged to call the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department at 408-299-2311.

What would you do if one of your relatives went missing?

Image via Sierra LaMar/facebook

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