Is video of Trayvon Martin shooter, George Zimmerman, proof that he lied?

More questions surrounding Trayvon Martin's death have surfaced now that a recently revealed police surveillance video shows George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch man who shot Martin in what he claimed to be "self-defense," with no broken nose or facial gashes.

Zimmerman originally said that he killed Martin because the 17-year-old unarmed teen attacked him first. The initial police report said that Zimmermran was bleeding from the back of the head and the nose.  Later, Zimmerman's lawyer even insisted that his client's nose had been broken by Martin.

And yet, the video tells a different story. Zimmerman, 28, shows no signs of the supposed fight. In fact, though the clip (seen below) is slightly blurry,  he seems completely healthy and with his wits about him. He even stops to wipe his feet on the mat of the door on his way in!


The video is just the latest controversy in the case. Earlier this week, FOX host Geraldo Rivera made headlines after blaming Martin's choice of hooded sweatshirt for his death and telling MillionHoodies protesters that they couldn't "rehabilitate" the hoodie. Yesterday, Spike Lee apologized after irresponsibly retweeting what he believed to be Zimmerman's address to his 250,000 followers, accidentally sending them to the home of an elderly couple. The husband and wife, who were both in their 70's, had to flee from their house after getting threats and hate mail!

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But all of the drama has only seemed to distract people seems to have become distracted from the real issues, which is why this video is so significant. It not only brings up new evidence against Zimmerman, but also helps people refocus their attention on the important factors of the case-- a pending federal investigation and the increasing likelihood of actual punishment for Zimmerman.

At the very least, the clip brings the Martin family and all Trayvon supporters one step closer to seeing justice served.

Do you think this video will help or hurt the case against Zimmerman?

Image via CBS News

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