Yet another father charged with murdering his own toddler

D'Andre Lane, the father of a missing 2-year-old girl who claimed she was abducted by carjackers, was arraigned today in Detroit on murder and child abuse charges in connection to his daughter's December disappearance. Looking at Bianca Jones' picture, I can't figure out what would drive anyone to harm an innocent little child?

To find that police have charged Lane with her murder makes me lose faith in humanity for I can't imagine what little Bianca went through at the hands of the one person with whom she should've felt completely safe and protected. 


I read about these heart-wrenching cases all the time and, as a journalist, I've had to cover my fair share, but I'll never ever become desensitized to them--especially now that I'm a mom and nobody has to explain to me the unbelievable love and protective instincts that come with this role

Lane told police that he was forced out of his car at gunpoint by two men who then drove off with Bianca in her car seat back on Dec. 2, 2011. Police found the car 40 minutes later, but the toddler was nowhere to be found. Even though he failed a polygraph test, Lane has always insisted he's innocent ant that all he wants is for his daughter to be returned. A few days after her disappearance he told HLN's Nancy Grace that "This whole situation is a tragedy and I feel like I'm being pushed around and being put in front of the media as the bad guy and I'm not."

Meantime, since Bianca's body has never been found, her mom, Banika Jones, still believes her daughter is alive. I hope so too, but the truth is that it's highly unlikely. On the other hand, Kym Worthy, the prosecutor in the case, has said that it's difficult to prosecute in cases where a body is not recovered. Even so, if convicted of the murder charge, Lane faces life in prison without parole. On the other hand, unless her daughter's found alive and well, Bianca's mom faces life in great sorrow without solace.

Do you believe Lane? If not, why do you think he would murder his own toddler? 

Image via AP