Boy found eight years after being kidnapped by babysitter

A Texas mom expects to soon be reunited with her son, whom she hasn't seen since he was an infant eight years ago. Imagine how that reunion will be!

Miguel Morin was a baby when his godmother and good friend of his mom, Krystle Rochelle Tannerkidnapped him and vanished, according to police. Tanner, 26, was arrested Monday and charged with kidnapping charges for the 2004 abduction. The boy, who has never gone to school, is doing fine and is in foster care where he will remain until authorities figure out his complicated case.  


Tanner, who was Miguel's babysitter at the time of his disappearance, was a suspect after he went missing when he was 8-month-old back in late 2004. But after Tanner's relatives told police she and the child had vanished, the case went cold and was closed in 2006.

Police finally found him eight years later after an extensive investigation launched after receiving a complaint that Tanner and her boyfriend were neglecting their two children. Although at first they made no connection between the boy and his missing child's case, once police learned that Tanner was a suspect in his kidnapping, they figured it all out and arrested her on Monday.

Although the boy's mother, Auboni Champion-Morin, must first undergo DNA testing, authorities say they're sure of his identity. "I want to hold him in my arms and let him know who I am. I hope he can feel the same thing I feel for him," the mom told Houston television station KPRC.

I hope so too. Even though I'm sure it'll take some counseling sessions, I like to think a mother's love always prevails regardless of time and distance. OMG! I can't even begin to imagine the emotions this mom has been going through since Monday. I don't know if she ever imagined her son would one day be found, but she says she used to pray every night that "he was safe, loved and he would come home one day." And that day is about to happen!

What do you think this reunion will be like? Will they be able to establish a relationship and have a 'normal' life?

Image via USA Today