Goodbye to the legendary Encyclopedia Britannica and to my childhood memories!

What?! The legendary Encyclopedia Britannica is stopping publication? How is that possible? According to the company's president, Jorge Cauz, after 244 years, the most well-known encyclopedia will stop issued printed books in order to convert all their material to digital form.

You don't know how nostalgic I'm getting to think that every day, there seems to be less that remains of my generation. The huge turntables, the Walkmen, the floppy disks used to store information…in the end, so many things have disappeared or changed into items more fitting for the new generation.


The news that the Encyclopedia Britannica has stopped publication has been especially saddening to me, because they are part of some of my childhood memories. I remember my grandpa's house, with his library full of books that my cousins and I often consulted every time we needed information for our homework. I remember well how, upon opening the doors of that great library, I immediately perceived a comforting smell of wood and used books that made me feel like part of all the generations before me. My grandparents, my parents, mi sisters, my uncles…every single one of them had left their mark on the pages in this encyclopedia.

What can I say? It's not that I'm a hogger of encyclopedias, but I was a girl that liked knowing that I had a whole collection as part of my family's library. In the end though, I have to get used to the idea that my kids (when I have them) won't be able to consult the Encyclopedia Britannica books but that they'll have new educational tools with multimedia content. Something that, even though it is difficult for me to accept, is a natural part of the change we are experiencing while adjusting to new generations.

What memories do you have of the legendary encyclopedias?

Image via reallocalcelebrity/flickr