Indianapolis school bus crash makes me thankful my kids walk to school

Like any parent, I'm aware that there's no way for me to control my children's safety when they're not with me. All I can do is trust those in charge, hope the safety lessons I've taught my children stick and pray for the best. And that is, in fact, exactly what I do whenever I drop them off at school, for example. I, of course, am not constantly thinking something bad is going to happen. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to let them leave my sight.

So I can only imagine what it must have been like for the mom whose 5-year-old daughter was killed earlier today in a school bus accident in Indianapolis when she received the phone call. The bus full of kids was on its way to school when it crashed into the supporting pillars of a train bridge crumpling the front end of the bus, killing the driver and the child and injuring ten other students.


One of them was stuck under the front wheel of the bus until emergency crews were able to rescue them. All the injured were taken to the hospital and most of them released while two are in critical condition. It's still not known how the driver lost control of the bus.

I can't deny that this news was particularly shocking to me because the little girl who lost her life was exactly my daughter's age. This horrific accident made me even more thankful that her elementary school is only a couple of blocks from our home, which means that, weather permitting, we always get to walk her to and from school. Unfortunately, not everyone has that option. Either way, accidents happen all the time and to all kinds of people.

I'm not sure how the family of this young child will find the strength and solace to carry on after losing their little one in such a horrific way. In a way, it makes me want to keep my children right next to me forever — as unrealistic as that sounds.

Do your kids take a bus to school? How do you keep them safe when they're not with you?

Image via AP