10-year-old Chinese girls' suicides highlight dangers of overbearing parents

Have you heard about the recent tragedy in China? Two young girls committed suicide together--and the reason behind the deaths is just so tragic. This should touch a nerve for overbearing parents that among other things, put way too much pressure on their kids – and yes, they are many of those here in the United States too.

Two fifth grade classmates committed suicide because reportedly, one of the girls realized she had lost the remote control for a rolling door at her house and she was worried about telling her parents.


She told her  best friend and at 4 p.m. they both wrote suicide notes, hid themselves in a closet at one of their homes and then jumped into a pool and drowned themselves.

One girl wrote that her friend was killing herself because she was afraid of being scolded for losing the remote control and that they decided to die together because they were the best friends. The second girl wrote that she had two dreams for her suicide: travel back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) to make a film of an emperor, and visit outer space.

The chain of events raised concerns about the influence of media on young children, and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has placed restrictions on airing certain shows between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

So according to the press, pop culture is the problem, not the unrealistic family pressures.

I think it's absurd to claim that the media played a role in these senseless deaths. Their deaths are more likely the result of their parent's attitudes or maybe even an untreated imbalance than what they saw or heard on television.

Parents typically monitor their kids TV habits, the programs they watch and the characters and shows they are into. We also try to teach them that mostly, things happening in the big screen are in fact, fictional. In kids' words, that they simply aren't real.

Someone this young committing suicide doesn't do it for time travel desires. These girls probably had other issues going on, one of them being as one of them mentions in her letter--fear of her parents.

Now the Chinese government is using the death of these two girls who would rather have lived in a fantasy world as a way to control what the general population watches on TV. This is simply another attempt on the part of the Chinese government to try and control its people and their youth's imaginations, through censorship. We'll see how that works out.

I just feel terrible for the girls and their parents who survived them. I hope they at least get the benefit of finding some answers themselves--or else I cannot imagine how they'll be able to live with this tragedy.

Parents all over the world have to pay more attention to how to interact with and speak to our children, than what we have to censor. Let's pay more attention.

Do you think these girls killed themselves to get away from their parents or because they really believed the fantasy world of their favorite shows?

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