Why, oh, why did Adidas create this heinous cowboy boot sneaker?

I've seen a LOT of ugly stuff go down in the name of fashion. Have you ever been to a fashion week show? Let me tell you, it's not always pretty. As a matter of fact, a lot of designers (mostly male) seem to go out of their way to create clothes that no normal woman would ever wear in their right mind!

But a sneaker company? They aren't out there shilling haute couture. No, they are making comfy, practical shoes that you can run around in all day. That's why I feel personally betrayed by Adidas for making these absolutely HEINOUS cowboy boot sneaker hybrid things...


WHY???? No really, why did they create these monstronsities? Will anyone actually wear them?

I hope not, but I know I'm wrong. Just like Uggs--the boots so ugly they actually copped to the fact in their name--I'm sure some people will fall in LOVE with these weirdo shoes and rock them 24/7. Unlike Uggs though, which exist in the realm of ugly that is totally unoffensive, these are flat-out run-down-the-street-like-my-hair-is-fire atrocious.

Please, no one buy these shoes! I'm hoping the $300 price tag will keep most sane people away.

Jeremy Scott, the crazy designer behind this creation, is known for his totally out-there ecletic designs so I guess I shouldn't be THAT shocked--but come on!

Would you ever buy or wear these shoes?

Image via Addidas