Why Super Tuesday might STILL not mean the end to the Republican primaries

If you've read some of my other posts, it is probably painfully obvious that I am a Democrat, and I mean like a car carrying, Obama t-shirt wearing (and crushing on), liberal, left-wing Democrat.

BUT I still have a profound interest in the Republican primaries because they have been downright fascinating and at times super entertaining. I'm also really confused by them because the only non-crazy member of the lot--in my opinion, Mitt Romney--is not getting the shoe-in nomination like I sort of assumed he would.

Sure, the super crazies like Michelle Bachman and Herman Cain bowed out early (to my chagrin, they were HYSTERICAL), but are there actually people out there who really, truly take Newt Gingrich seriously as a candidate for president?


I mean, the guy was literally chased from Capital Hill and forced to resign his position as Speaker of the House in disgrace.

Then we have, Rick All-woman-on-birth-control-are-harpies Santorum.

Image via Gage Skidmore/flickr