New Mexico man finds Jesus' face in tortilla!

This story is so cool! A New Mexico man was just going about his business, grilling up some tortillas on Lent when--to his total astonishment--he saw the face of Jesus had been burnt into his tasty snack.

David Sandoval of Espanola was understandable shocked so he passed the tortilla to his mother who confirmed that she too saw Jesus. Her exact response was the totally appropriate: "Oh my God!"

So what's he going to do with the Holy Tortilla?



Well, so far he's just published a photo of the minor miracle on Facebook and the response has been overwhelming!

"Everybody has been able to see it. They're calling it a miracle," Sandoval KOAT Albuquerque. "New Mexico has always been known to have interesting things happen during Lent time."

I am not super religious here, but even I have to admit--it really does look like Jesus's face on that tortilla, and the timing is uncanny! But still, I'm not sure that this really has any religious significance as the skeptic in me keeps screaming, "There just random grill marks!"

Either way, if people are getting excited about the "miracle" and it gives them hope and fortitude I'm all for it! Anyhow, this is far from the first time Jesus has made an appearance on a tortilla!

Check out the story below of Annette Escamilla, a Corpus Christi woman who found jesus on her tortilla just nine months ago.

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