The war on women continues...

The Senate voted on Thursday 51 to 48 to reject the controversial amendment sponsored by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) that would have overridden the Obama Administration's new contraception coverage rule and allowed any employer to refuse to cover any kind of health care service by citing "moral reasons."

I could only stand in front of the TV or my computer for so long -- before going absolutely ballistic -- every time that I heard one of this crazy Republicans talk about religious freedom and moral values in order to push the stupid and extreme Blunt amendment.

Those conservative Republicans are out of their mind, the Blunt amendment not only allows employers to decide which women's health care options they will offer to their employees, but they can actually base such choices in their own moral beliefs. The power to decide whether to use contraception or any other health service is up to each individual woman, not her boss, not her church Pastor and certainly not a Republican Senator.


But now, thanks to the prevalence of sanity, the amendment has been blocked. However it's still pretty surreal to me as a Latina living in the US--that in a country that's supposed to be the First World, the government leaders can have the leisure of spending days and days, talking about women's right to preventative health.

The world is falling apart Senators! America--among many other things--needs jobs  and better education, so why on earth do you spend so much of your time debating our basic rights as women? This is women's health you are talking about! Why do you think you have the right to decide for us?

Enough is enough. I use to think that the concept of "war on women" was a little bit over the top but now I am certain it is true so I just joined One Million Strong For Women and I hope other women will start joining too.

Did you know that under the amendment, an employer could've refused to cover HIV/AIDS screenings, prenatal care for single mothers, mammograms, vaccinations for children and even screenings for diabetes based on objections to a perceived immoral lifestyle?

Let's stand together as women living in this country--from every race and every background--let's not allow our choices to be dictated by men. This is the 21st century for God's sake and we still haven't proven the fact that God is a "man". She might very well be a woman.


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