Latina mom hides daughter's pregnancy in crazy, telenovela-like plot!

hernandez mom I love telenovelas for their juicy and outrageous plotlines. Scheming mothers, cheating boyfriends, long-lost siblings–there's so much entertaining drama! But what happens when stuff like that happens in real life? Well, I found out on Monday night, when California resident Sonia Hernandez covered up her daughter's pregnancy by telling the police that she found the baby while looking for a bag of cat food at a gas station. Yeah, I know--totally telenovela worthy, right?

The drama first started early Monday when Hernadez's daughter, Paloma Espinoza, gave birth. The twist? She didn't know she was pregnant! Not knowing what to do, Espinoza left the baby alone and went to her mother's house. Shortly after, Hernandez called 911 with the made up story.


"We believe that the mother, having to have an explanation for the existence of this child, came up with the story that she was found abandoned," Long Beach Police Sgt. Rico Fernandez told ABC7.

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So why even lie in the first place? Apparently, Hernandez concocted the whole scheme in order to explain the existence of the baby to her daughter's current lover…who is a woman!

WOW! Can you believe this? Hernandez obviously watches her fair share of shows like Tierra de Pasiones and La Reina del Sur. Where else could she have gotten inspiration for such a crazy story? Personally, I prefer my drama on the small screen!

Watch the saga play out here:

What do you think of the story? Is it telenovela worthy?  

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