5 songs President Obama should sing to woo the Latino vote (VIDEO)

OK, so my crush on President Obama is well documented. I've come clean and admitted it (no offense Michelle) and I'm not ashamed! Especially since the Commander in Chief keeps on doing these amazing renditions of classic blues and R&B songs! 

Remember when President Bill Clinton let everyone in on the jazzy secret that he was a great saxophone player? Well, once Obama crooned those first few lines of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" it was a wrap! Now everyone wants a little piece of those smooth sounds and B.B. King was NOT going to take no for an answer at the White House's recent Blues day.


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So he asked President Obama to join him a rendition of the classic, "Sweet Home Chicago" and try as he might, El Jefe couldn't really turn B.B. King down, now could he? I love how the First Lady is standing right next to him looking like, "Well, you got yourself into this mess..." Ahh, marriage!

Seeing the Prez sing got me thinking, if I love it so much, maybe the rest of the Latino population in the U.S. will too (because, ya know, we're all the same)! Of course his song choices should be vetted first, so here is my list of songs Obama should commit to memory before hitting the trail and stumping for the Latino vote:

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"I'm Real" Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule: Um, one of Obama's major issues with our community is that he made a ton of promises about immigration reform that never really panned out. Well, this is his chance to prove to us that he's the truth! I vote for a role reversal with him singing J.Lo's parts and Michelle rapping Ja Rule's bars. 

"Anything for You" Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine: I mean, the song title just about says it all: President Obama should be pretty much willing to do anything for us in order to serve another term in office. Plus, who doesn't appreciate the smooth sounds of the Miami Sound Machine? Extra points for pandering to the cubanos down in Florida.

"I Need to Know" Marc Anthony: I mean, this is probably what El Jefe is thinking right now. Or maybe he's thinking, "Really, you're actually considering voting for that guy?" while he points at whoever is still standing at the end of the Republican primaries.

"America" Los Tigres del Norte featuring Calle 13: This one is for el pueblo as Rene from Calle 13 would say, and could show us that President Obama really understands the issues Latinos are facing day-to-to-day.

"Dreaming of You" Selena: This is just El President being honest, cause, really, he probably does go to sleep every night dreaming about a total sweep of Latino voters across the country.

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