'Is This Alabama?', series of videos show not everyone in that state supports anti-immigrant law (VIDEO)

Alabama's law, H.B. 56, has been called the most severe anti-immigrant law in the nation. So much so that many undocumented immigrants have decided to leave that state before facing not only deportation, but also harassment from those who support it. 

But, the thing is, not everybody in Alabama does, as evident in a series of short videos titled "Is This Alabama?" written and directed by Chris Weitz of A Better Life fame. According to the Center for American Progress, America's Voice Education Fund, and Define American, the acclaimed Hollywood director jumped at the idea of working on the videos. 


 The four videos--one of which is in Spanish--are part of a campagin to revoke H.B. 56. Although they are super short, they're extremely powerful and definitely worth watching. If only, to be reminded that not everyboy has lost their heart in this country and that many clearly understand that without immigrants--undocumented or not--this country would have a very hard time moving forward.


Have you seen these videos? What do you think?

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