Tesla Model X is the perfect family car

As a parent, you are most likely constantly having to drive your kids and their friends around. And when it’s your turn in the weekly carpool to school, you’ve probably wondered how the heck you’re going to fit all those little ones in the back seat.

Well moms, you may have just found the answer to your prayers.  Tesla just unveiled a new CUV called the Model X. The car offers an all-wheel drive option and three rows of seats that can seat up to seven (!) passengers. Not to mention, the model also features two trunks, one at the back and one at the front –perfect for storing backpacks, toys, and diaper bags for the baby.


Plus , the exterior has rear side doors that rise out like wings when pulled open, earning the nickname “Falcon Wings.” What person, adult or child alike, doesn’t appreciate how cool that looks?

The car is offered in two models, base Model X and the more advanced Model S, which differ mainly in their all-wheel drive and battery pack options.

So, how much exactly would you have to spend for the new Tesla creation? According to the company, without the federal tax credit, the Model X will be priced around $67,400 for the classic version and around $77,400 for the model with the added features. 

This is a pretty good looking car, if you ask me. And so much space! I wish my parents had a car like this when they driving me, my sister, and our friends to all those dance classes and recitals.

What do you think moms? Would you buy this car to help you transport your families?

Image via Tesla Motors