Josefina Vasquez Mota becomes the PAN’s candidate for President

Let me be very clear about one thing--I have nothing against having a female President in Mexico--I believe women can do as good of a job, if not better, at ruling a country as any man.

But in order to govern a country like Mexico, it would take one great, savvy, honest and seriously intelligent woman, and I don’t believe Josefina Vasquez Mota possesses those qualities. She may have a couple of them, but sadly that’s not good enough.


Vasquez Mota is the candidate running for the PAN (ruling party). She is a 52-year-old married mother of three who has used her family life on the campaign trail in order to win the support of Mexican mothers and young voters. This has been a smart move on her part, but such manipulation doesn’t come as a surprise for most Mexicans. Her opponent, Peña Nieto from the PRI,  has been using his own telenovela-star wife to gain votes as the election gears up. God knows his intellect alone won’t grant him the Presidency.

Women have run for president in Mexico before, but not as a candidate of any of the three major parties. Many agree that the PAN's choice of Vazquez Mota is actually genius--especially considering the last two presidents the same party has given us.

Some say Mexico isn't prepared for a woman president (I disagree) but that’s not even my issue here. Every time Vasquez Mota speaks in public appearances, she puts people to sleep (she is terribly boring), and while that could definitely solve the country’s insomnia problems, what will happen with other major issues like the bloody war on drugs?

An interesting fact is that she chose el Día de la Mujer to announce her candidacy and pre-campaign, "I will be the first woman president of Mexico in history," she told supporters.

Well, I have some questions for you Josefina: How are you going to handle your party’s stance towards a women’s right to choose? Are you going to take a stand against your own PAN party which has supported initiatives like forcing married women to get their husband’s permission in order to tie their tubes? Are you going to take a real and solid stand for women’s rights within a retrograde party and the Church system that supports it?

I will not even ask about the other concerns from your own party opponents who have complained you were a weak lawmaker and couldn't push through an educational reform as secretary. I won’t care about any of that if you take a stand for women, loud and clear--so loud, in fact that that the Pope can hear your point of view when he comes for his planned visit to Mexico.

Then, I will vote for you, and I will be proud (and I will even endure your speeches).

Do you think it's time for Mexico to have the first female president?

Image via AP