Science proves racists & conservatives have low I.Q.'s

Lots of people may be name calling and saying conservatives are dumb these days, but now, there may be actual scientific evidence to back up the theory.  A recent study from Brock University in Ontario suggests that there is an actual link between an individual’s level of intelligence and their social and political beliefs.

Published in Psychological Science, the study shows that people who have low scores on I.Q. tests during their childhood are more likely to develop prejudiced and conservative views later on in life.


Why? Dr. Gordon Hodson, lead author of the study, told LiveScience it’s because people of lower intelligence gravitate towards conservative ideologies that emphasize structure and order, which makes it easier for them to understand a complex society.  And since socially conservative policies generally stress resistance to change, they also tend to lead to prejudice and racism .

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The research has caused a whirwind of debate between liberals who say they knew it all along and conservatives who argue that the study has been misconstrued.

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As much as I would LOVE to wholeheartedly agree with this study (and believe me, in many cases, I do), I have to admit it seems like this reseach is susceptible to a lot of holes. After all, I.Qs are determined by standarized tests, which I strongly believe are not real indicators of intelligence. You could be the next Einstein and just be a really poor test taker.  As for the idea that conservative beliefs--whether held by people with low I.Qs or not--usually lead to prejudice because of their black and white view of the world? Well, I’m not going to argue with that one.

What do you think of the study? Is the research legitimate or is it just another political opinion?

Image via Arete13/flickr