Everyone in Sodeto, Spain wins the lottery...except one!

The residents of the town Sodeto, Spain had plenty of reason to celebrate this week after finding out that they all won a portion of a $950 million jackpot. Everyone except for one man, that is.

 Out of 70 households in Sodeto, the only one overlooked by the town homemaker’s group—who sold the tickets last year-- was that of filmmaker Costis Mitsotakis.


The lottery, called “El Gordo,”  occurs in Spain annually around Christmas time. This year, there were 1,800 winning tickets, each worth $520,000. According to The New York Times, these tickets are often split into four participations. Since every household--except for that of Mitsotakis!--in Sodeto purchased at least one participation, all the houses got a minumum of  $130,000. But since Mitsotakis’ was accidentally skipped, he won absolutely nothing.  Maybe he was on the naughty list this year?  

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On the bright side, he was able to rid himself of some land that he had been trying (and failing) to sell. His newly rich neighbor bought it the day after the lottery.

That poor guy.  What would it feel like if everyone around you was suddenly much wealthier than you were because of someone else’s mistake? I can’t tell whether I should feel sorry for him or laugh a little --- come on, you know want to too!

How would you react if were in that situation?

Image via YouTube