Florida millionaire John Goodman adopts his girlriend

Just when you thought the news cycle couldn't get any grosser, this sleazeball from Florida had to go and adopt his own girlfriend in an attempt to shield his money! Ugh, it's just so nasty it's sort of hard to imagine.

And no, this is not some long lost relative of Woody Allen--this guy is just your run of the mill, rich, drunk driver who happened to kill someone when he ran a stop sign in his Bentley and hit Scott Patrick Wilson, a kid who was home from college visiting his parents.

John Goodman is a very wealthy man who founded the International Polo Club Palm Beach. He has a ton of money, but since he is being sued by Scott's parents, a lot of it may be at risk. That's where his children's trust comes into play.


A court had previously ruled that the money in his children's trust, which started out at 1.5 million and is now in the hundreds of millions, would be off limits as far as the punitive punishment is concerned should he be found guilty of the charges of DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a crash at his criminal trial on March 6. Neither of his biological children are 35 yet, which means they do not have access to the trust presumably set up for their financial stability by their father. But John's girlfriend, Heather Laruso Hutchins is 42, so technically she would be able to access a third of the funds immediately now that Goodman has adopted her.

"By way of this adoption John Goodman effectively owns or has direct control of one-third of the trust assets," Wilson family attorney Scott Smith told ABCNews.com in an email. "It cannot go unrecognized that he has adopted his 42-year-old adult girlfriend as opposed to a child in need."

So, not only did he get drunk and kill an innocent young man, but now he's trying to scheme his way into stealing a third of the wealth earmarked for his own children?! Does it get any lower than this?

"Plaintiffs view the adoption of Ms. Hutchins as a 'game-changer' and as grounds to now include the assets of the children's trust, at least in some fashion, in the punitive damages calculation," presiding West Palm Beach Judge Glenn Kelley wrote in a court order. Well, yeah--it obviously is! And what on earth was Goodman's girlfriend thinking when he let her in on his idea? Goodman is obviously an entitled man used to never having to deal with the consequences of his actions, except now, the consequences involved killing someone and Scott's parents, understandably so, want some well-deserved justice. Here's hoping that they get all this guys money and that Goodman is forced to serve the maximum possible 30 year sentence.

Do you think adults should ever be allowed to adopt other, healthy, capable adults? Does that even make any sense?

Image via wptv.com