Everything you need to know about Latinos in politics this week

These days it seems like all of the media outlets in the country are focused on one thing only: The Republican primaries--and for good reason. When the campaign for the Republican candidacy began months ago, it was downright entertaining! From Herman Cain to Michelle Bachman, it was the gift that just kept on giving...but now, things are getting more serious and there are a ton of political news stories from over the weekend that we should all know about.

Here are our top five picks:

  1. Conservative Latinos have withdrawn their support of Mitt Romney for a variety of reasons. Some cite his harsh, hardline stance on immigration and the fact that he said he would veto the DREAM act if it was passed as a major reason, while others (with less sense) are upset that he seems to reject his "Mexican" ancestry.
  2. Those nutso birthers are at it again! This time they have set their sights on Florida Senator Marco Rubio, claiming that he is not a "natural born citizen." Sigh, I never thought I'd see the day when I defended this guy, but geesh, give it break! Notorious Obama birther Orly Talitz (a woman who clearly has too much time on her hands) is hoping to bring the issue to court.
  3. Latino Democrats have (finally!) publically come out against the GOP presidential candidates, saying that the "divisive and polarizing" dialogue surrounding Latinos in the United States is ostracizing us. 
  4. Yay!!! Political pundits are saying that 2012 is looking to be the "Year of the woman" because so many women are running for crucial Senate and House seats in these November elections. I don't care which party you support, this is good news for all women in this country!
  5. Um, so I guess Jeb Bush has sort of become the voice of reason for the Republican party in the run-up to tomorrow's primary election. He's pretty much stayed mum on the whole race and has been vocal about his feelings that both Gingrich and Romney are taking much too hard of a line on the immigration issue. Oh, and the fact that he may be mulling his own run for presidency in the future might have something to do with it too.

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