East Haven Mayor may have tacos to help Latinos. Um, what?

Talk about Mr. Insensitivity! When asked how he plans to repair the relationship between local authorities and the Latino community in East Haven, Connecticut, Mayor Joe Maturo said that the first step he plans to take is to eat some tacos.

Latinos in this community have been living in fear for years but they felt a bit of relief after the arrest of four alleged rogue police officers. They’re accused of unfairly targeting our minority population with unlawful search and seizures, traffic stops, and even physical abuse. But on the heels of the good news comes this ridiculous comment from the man whose main concern should be stopping the fear, not perpetuating more stereotypes.


At least some people in the state are coming to our defense. In a story from Pix 11 News, Connecticut governor Dannel P. Malloy called Mayor Maturo’s comment racially insensitive.

"The comments by East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo are repugnant. They represent either a horrible lack of judgment or worse, an underlying insensitivity to our Latino community that is unacceptable. Being tired is no excuse. He owes an apology to the community, and more importantly, he needs to show what he's going to do to repair the damage he's done. And he needs to do it today."

I’m glad that the East Haven Mayor’s “I might have tacos” outreach plan is being ridiculed. The Latino community that makes up 10% of the town’s population has no significant representation on the police force is in an real need of some government support. With the investigation into police abuse still ongoing, here’s hoping that Maturo is working out a more comprehensive plan to help the Latino community in his town.

How do you think that Mayor Joe Maturo can repair the relationship between the Latino community and the police force in East Haven, Connecticut?

Image via AP